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Unpublished preprints

"Arithmetic theory of q-difference equations (G_q-functions and q-difference modules of type G, global q-Gevrey series)". ArXiv:0902.4169.
(with F. Baldassarri) "Continuity of the radius of convergence of p-adic differential equations on Berkovich analytic spaces". Preprint, 25 pages. ArXiv: 0709.2008. The article by F. Baldassarri "Continuity of the radius of convergence of differential equations on p-adic analytic curves", Invent. Math. 182 (2010), no. 3, 513–584 improves the results of the paper above (which is in several variables) in the case of meromorphic connections on an analytic curve.


Other mathematical texts

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Ph.D.THESIS "Étude arithmétique des équations aux q-différences et des équations différentielles"
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